What is Wokson Studios?

WoksOn Studios is an independent games developer based in Hastings, in the South of England. Born in 2016, WoksOn Studios' mission is simple: create quality games that push technology, gameplay and social interaction.

Built by a team of game enthusiasts with a real passion for exciting gameplay and concentrating on being creative while staying small and focused.

Over the years, the studio has worked 4 full titles across a range of platforms with many prototypes in the wings.

the team
david georgiou
Lead designer and programmer

David began his adventure into games development from a young age using DarkBasic and GameMaker before advancing to master industry standard software such as Unity3D.

His proudest programming achievement is "his son" in the new title "PAMP QUEST".


james thompson
art lead

James originally trained as a motion graphics artist but, with small persuasion, was swayed into the world of games development.

He can often be found making nonsense on Photoshop that sometimes end up as parts of the games.