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Cannon Crew Reloaded Logo.png

"Cannon Crew: Reloaded is spiritual successor to the original Cannon Crew game, featuring a fully explorable 3D sandbox adventure with quests, large scale battles and more cannons!

It is currently in a pre-alpha state. This means most of the content in the game is either a test or prototype for the complete game."


Play with alone or with up to 3 friends in an exciting local co-op adventure!  


Take on the Skeleton Lord in the main story or earn gold to buy better weapons and armour by completing side quests for members of the town!


With multiple castles to choose from, defend each in an infinite wave system that scales with the number of players and features plenty of skeleton filled surprises!


Each player has access to a upgrades menu and, with no set roles, players can dedicate points into whatever they choose! They could increase their carry limit if prefer running cannonballs to the frontlines or melee defence and damage if like fighting the skeletons in combat!


Hire a number of different units throughout the world to build your army ready to take on the Skeletons. From heavily armoured knights straight from the King's barracks who can fight skeletons in battles or simple levies who can assist you in firing cannons within the castles!

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