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Which Leader will dominate the Grove?

In the realm of Nemus, within the forest known as the Grove, formidable Leaders come together once a year to battle for rulership. In the Market, the Leaders must assemble the most mighty Party to fight for victory; be it terrifying Beasts, valiant Heroes, extraordinary Items, powerful Weapons or mystical Relics.
Whose Party will prove the strongest? Which Leader will dominate the Grove…?


Grove is an easy-to-learn tactical card game that inspires exciting combinations with a variety of unique cards! 


£18 GBP


1st Edition

Designed by David Georgiou
Narrative by Jenny Clark
Illustrated by James Thompson


In Grove, players must create the most powerful Party they can! They're assigned a Leader card that benefit players in different and interesting ways. As the game progresses, the Market will fill with cards but each player will have their own strategy, both for their Party and for the Market.

The player with the strongest Party will have the most synergetic combinations and had a careful eye on what cards their opponents took from the Market.

Will your Party prove your strongest?

Will your Party dominate the Grove?


- Grove rules - 

Download a PDF of the Rules Booklet that comes in every copy of Grove to learn the rules before you play. 

- Grove score card - 

Download the official Grove Score Card Print out PDF to help you calculate your Final Score at the Reveal Phase. 

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