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"Cannon Crew is a multiplayer co-op castle defence party game. Work as a team to defend your castle from incoming enemy attacks."


Cannon Crew is a Co-op Castle Defence Party game!
Play with a team of 1-4 and work together to stop the enemy breaching your castle walls. Feel free to get competitive within your team - the more gold you can snatch or jobs you complete will give you a higher score than the others - but don't get too distracted from the incoming horde!


Battle through the exciting campaign against the Red King and his army of minions; defend against waves of enemy soldiers, bombard castles and steal ammunition from the Red King's strongholds, before retiring to tavern to upgrade yourself for the next battle by buying potions with your hard earned coins!



The Red King's horde approaches! Survive an endless onslaught of minions, heavily armoured soldiers and giants. 


Challenge yourself with mind bending puzzles that require you to think outside the box, then put cannonballs in it!


Design your own bastion, man the cannons and defend yourselves again against the Red King. Save and Load your designs and play with friends! 

All game mode feature Adaptive Difficulty. The difficulty changes depending on number of players in-game. If you're playing with a team of 4 then enemy waves will arrive quicker and be harder to defeat - Singleplayer means enemies will move slower and take less hits.

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